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Serving God Simply

I believe many people want to serve God, but they are prohibited by their ideas about what it means to serve God. Many people think that serving God means:

  • Being a pastor

  • Being a missionary

  • Leading a ministry, team, group, or outreach

The thought of launching into that type of time-consuming and life-altering commitment puts many people off from the thought of serving God. They rationalize that they have been saved by grace through faith in Christ, and they attend worship service and support their local church with their finances. But for many, this is where their "service" to God ends. If that is your thought process, you are missing out on some of the greatest spiritual experiences that you can have as a Christian!

First, let me clear the slate. While God DOES call people to serve him as pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders, these are not the only methods by which we serve God! You don't have to be on the worship team, or be an usher, or serve as a greeter, or teach a class, or work in the nursery to serve God. All of these things may be needed to make the local church function, and all of these can be methods of serving God, but they are not the only ways to serve Him.

Secondly, let me assure you that serving God is for every believer. Every Christian should be serving God personally and individually. Serving God and others is one of the most important principles of the Christian faith, as believers are expected to serve the church with a joyful spirit. “Love one another.” “Care for one another.” “Pray for one another.” “Encourage one another.” “Help one another.” “Counsel one another.” “Support one another.” Check out the following Bible verses for deeper study into the idea of serving God:

  • Proverbs 19:17

  • Acts 20:35

  • Matthew 5:16

  • Hebrews 6:10

  • Philippians 2:4

Thirdly, take time to watch the sermon video from July 26, 2020, "Serving God Simply" - You can find the link to the video on the website. There is also a link to the video below this blog. In this message, I explain how serving God is as simple as meeting together, giving and receiving prayer, and following God's instructions. You'll learn and be encouraged in this week's sermon.

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