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Damaged on Arrival

Stop and Think:

I ordered a thing about 2 months ago. I eagerly anticipated its arrival. When it finally arrived yesterday, I was so excited to finally have the object I had ordered. I opened the shipping box and removed the inner protective paper and bubble wrap. I found the box containing my object and opened it. The thing I was looking for was encased in styrofoam inside its box. I opened the styrofoam shell and.......... pieces fell out! My object was broken in shipment.

You see, I wanted something and the manufacturer wanted me to have it. She prepared it and shipped it with care. But in the rough handling of being shipped across the country, my prize was broken and arrived useless.

Isn’t that just like life! We desire things and the world can’t seem to deliver. We all want a chance to succeed, but are often frustrated by injustice, unfairness, and prejudice. We want safety and peace, but even locked doors, bank vaults, and cyber security fall victim to intruders. We want truth but we are assailed by lies and misinformation. We want friends, but often find friends untrue or self-centered.

The only way to know that we really will have our needs met is to trust in God. His deliveries are never interrupted. His shipments of success, peace, truth, safety, and friendship cannot be taken or destroyed by the world. God promised through the Apostle Paul that He would meet our needs (Philippians 4:19). He meets our needs from his own resources, so there are no shortages! He uses His own delivery system, so no “package” is ever lost, late, or damaged in transit. He can provide what we really need and what God provides, the world can’t take away (John 14:27).

Dear friends, trust in Jesus today. He is the only sure thing. Only He can deliver whatever He has promised 100 percent of the time.

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